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Luxurious Services for Luxurious People

& Property Management
Rates For Vacant Homes Only

$200  - 1000 sq ft max

$225  - 1500 sq ft max

$250  - 2000 sq ft max 

$300  - 2500 sq ft max

$350 - 3000 sq ft max

$400 - 3500 sq ft max

$450 - 4000 sq ft max

    Luxery Package                             Checklist Below
Move In / Out                               Checklist 
Sink -scrubbed, disinfected, rinsed
Tub & Shower -scrubbed, disinfected, rinsed
Chrome Bath Fixtures- cleaned & shined
Toilets- scrubbed inside and out
Vanity top- scrubbed, cleaned 
(remove and replace items on top)
Mirrors cleaned
cabinet fronts cleaned
Blinds/Windowsills dusted
Trash emptied and liner/bag replaced 
sweep, mop

Countertops cleaned 
Cabinet fronts wiped down
Sinks scrubbed and disinfected
Exterior of oven/stovetop 
Exterior of dishwasher
Exterior refrigerator 
Microwave -inside and out
Small appliances wiped
Windowsills dusted
Trash emptied and liner/bag replaced 
Clean/Dust/Pledge table and chairs

Beds made 
Dusted / Pledged
Windowsills/Blinds  dusted
Lampshades dusted
 general straightening completed
sweep, mop, vacuum

Other Living Areas, including Hallways and Stairs
All areas dusted / pledged
Cushions and pillows fluffed and straightened
Windowsills /Blinds dusted
Glass tables cleaned
Picture frames dusted
Lamp shades dusted
Light, general straightening completed
​sweep mop vacuum

***Sliding Glass Door Cleaned Inside
We cannot move furniture, but we will try to reach any visible places either by hand or with an extension duster.

Many homes have ceiling fans and chandelier or vaulted ceiling fan that we cannot reach by hand.
We use extended duster only we cannot climb anything taller than a 2 step ladder.

The Below is List for the "Complete House"

Includes more detail than the Basic Clean.

Wet Wiping Dirt Off All Light Fixtures & Fans using Ladder
Dusting Blinds
Dusting Cobwebbed Corners Walls
Scrubbing Light Switch Covers
Scrubbing Outlet Covers 
Dusting Closet Shelves (if empty)
Sweeping, Mopping and/or Vacuuming entire House 
Scrubbing Baseboards

All of the Above &
Cleaning Around, Inside, Outside of -Toilets
Cleaning Around, Inside, Outside of -Bathtubs
Cleaning Around, Inside, Outside of -Showers
Cleaning Mirrors
Cleaning Cabinets/Drawers-
 Inside (if empty), Outside &

All Of The Above &
Microwave - Inside, Outside, Around
Dishwasher - Inside, Outside, Around
Stove - Inside, Outside, Behind, Under, Around
​Refrigerator - Inside, Outside, Behind, Under,
 Around, Top
Scrubbing Counters
Scrubbing Cabinets - Inside, Outsides, Around
Scrubbing Drawers - Inside, Outsides, Around

​Laundry Room
All of the Above &
Scrubbing Top, Front & Around 
Washer, Dryer  
Dusting Cobwebs and Lint From Walls in laundry room only.
Custom Lux 
For First Time & Monthly Visits
Recurring Visits Discount 
Recurring Visits
Bi Weekly 10% off / Weekly 15% off
Pet Homes Please Add $15.

$75   - 2BR/1BA       -  800 sq ft max

$90   - 2BR/2BA       - 1000 sq ft max 

$100 - 3BR/2BA       - 1200 sq ft max

$110 - 3BR/2.5BA    - 1500 sq ft max

$120 - 3BR/3BA       - 1800 sq ft max

$130 - 4BR/3.5BA    - 2000 sq ft max 

$145 - 4BR/4BA       - 2250 sq ft max

$160 - 4BR/4.5BA    - 2500 sq ft max

$175 - 5BR/5BA      - 3000 sq ft max

$195                        - 3250 sq ft max

$215                        - 3500 sq ft max

$235                        - 3800 sq ft max

$255                        - 4000 sq ft max

​Recurring Visits
Bi Weekly 10% off
Weekly 15% off
Heavy Duty 
Additional $50 to $100 Depending on Condition. 
Applicable If your home hasn't been cleaned in a while, has lot of clutter, build-up, dust, or pet hair, please select heavy-duty extra so we can allocate more hours to ensure excellent result. Very Rare Instances. Helpful if you remove and put away clutter, laundry, shoes etc prior to our arrival to avoid this fee.
Keep In Mind
We wish to service all clients, but unfortunately we can't. Nudist lifestyle households, Over population during cleaning, Other service providers onsite, Animal waste, Severe damage, Severe Clutter, Disconnected utilities, Unsecured Overexcited Dinosaurs & Mountain Lions for example, prevent us from delivering the quality you deserve and may mean we have to decline the request for service. Also, the scope of work/ condition of the home may mean we can't complete the work the same day and require rescheduling. We will discuss it before we start work and offer you a chance to decline service. 
Thank you for your understanding!

Luxury Package with Selected Extras

Same Day Service $30.00

Oven $25

Fridge $20

Interior Windows $50

Doors, Door Frames, Light Switches, Door Knobs, Outlets $40

Interior Cabinets/Drawers $40
(only if empty)

BaseBoards $40 
(depending on home size, only if visible, we cannot move furniture)

Scrubbing Blinds $50
(depending on size of home, we cannot scrub hanging vertical blinds, they damage easily)

If you are not on a mobile device, please fill in the info below with
Package Chosen, Number of Beds, Baths & Sq Ft, Any Extras,
Dates and Times that generally work for you.
We Will get Back to you soon! 
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